Have you prepared enough for your future career?

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Many students believe that once they have completed their degree, prepared and completed the interview for a job and obtained a job their future career will simply develop. It looks very simple and straight forward however in reality this is not the case. Some people arrive at a situation where after several years of working they have not achieved what he or she expected and in an even worse situation lost their job when in their 40’s or so.

Join the course to find out what you need to prepare and do for your future career.

Career Development Planning

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 Some people believe that once they have a job, follow any promotion policy that may exist in the company they are working for or obtain a higher position with a different company they will achieve their ambition for their career. This sounds like a very easy and straight forward approach for career development but unfortunately it is not that easy if you want to achieve whatever goals you have set.

Join the course to understand the importance of career development planning, the steps required in setting up career development planning and most importantly the effectiveness in executing a career development plan.

Improvement in business communication skills

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Many people think that communication skills depend on a person’s personality, however communication skills can be developed through training especially business communication skills. As part of the skills required for career development one should pay attention to improving his or her business communication skills. It is very often the case that when a person has high educational knowledge and technical skills they have failed in business because they lacked the ability to communicate effectively. As one says, when an opportunity arises does one have the ability to grab it?

Join the course to find out what your weakness is in business communication and what skills you need to improve. DO NOT wait until it is too late and regret the loss of any good opportunity.

Business etiquette

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Business etiquette is a very important aspect of doing business which one must pay attention to. Business carried out, not just in the office but even, for example, when having a business lunch. Ones behaviour during a business luncheon or perhaps a sports event if not conducted correctly could have a negative outcome in future business relations.

Join the course to enhance your knowledge on business etiquette even if you have some knowledge already. There are many business situations which you may not have faced before. Be prepared in advance so you do not find yourself in a situation where you wish you had known how to behave before.


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Networking is very important. There are so many different types of networking events both business and social. Do you have to attend all the networking events to which you are invited? Which ones are essential? What to do at an event.

Join the course to find out more about how networking can help your future career, which areas you need to pay attention to during the networking event and how to ensure the people you meet through networking can be a real help with a good long-term relationship.

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  • Have you prepared for your future career?
  • Career development Planning
  • Improvement on business communication skills
  • Business etiquette
  • Networking